Yep! Ordering uniforms for a team of employees, or even yourself, can be daunting. We’ve devised an easy to follow 7 step checklist so you can whip up and zip up that uniform order in a jiffy. Your team will be sporting shiny new uniforms in no time.


Call us direct (02) 6672 8738 and we’ll talk you through our easy ordering process from start to finish.

No more painful, expensive ordering mistakes. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

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[sidebar_tab icon=’Cut_Scissors.png’ title=”1. FIND A PROFESSIONAL”]

Choosing the right supplier makes all the difference. If you start well, you’ll finish well.

Owner of Healthcare Uniforms Australia - Heike

Heike Ciesla – Owner of Healthcare Uniforms Australia & Work Smart Uniforms Australia – Offering you 30 years of industry experience EMAIL DIRECT

Making ordering mistakes can be costly and a huge time waster. This is particularly so when you are ordering in bulk for a team of people with varying sizes, shapes, needs and preferences.  Painful mistakes can be avoided simply by CHOOSING A PROFESSIONAL SUPPLIER. Don’t skimp on this step. Find a reputable uniform supplies company that can share years of knowledge with you.

What to look for/what to ask.

Ask the uniform supplier how long they’ve been in the industry, their knowledge on fabrics, design and fitting, the technology they use and most importantly what level of customised service will they provide so you’re not the one left holding the scissors or messing with the measuring tape. You shouldn’t need to be the expert calling the shots. They should be able to guide you confidently every step of the way.

Of course, we’re happy to (humbly) admit with over 30 years of experience our expertise, service and innovation ain’t too shabby at all:)

  • Our team of experts offer 30 years extensive experience designing, manufacturing, fitting and supplying quality uniforms to healthcare providers.
  • Our personalised service includes a full consultation, collaborating with you on design and fitting, utilising our specialist expertise in designing, manufacturing and distribution.
  • Our focus is designing & sourcing innovative fabrics and styles that will move with you, absorb moisture and maintain a professional appearance.

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[sidebar_tab icon=’Pants.png’ title=”2. UNIFORMS MUST BE FUNCTIONAL & PROFESSIONAL”]

60111_worn_365You cannot expect staff to function well without functional uniforms

Functionality is key for work uniforms. We have developed a range of garments that give consideration to the complexities of all body types and the jobs they are designed to fit.

Our experienced design team is dedicated to manufacturing garments that fit your staff well, ensuring they are comfortable while performing their duties, and yet still look great at the end of a long day.

Clothing is tailored to allow an easy, free flow of movement, perfect for an active work environment.

Keep it professional and unique: Your team’s appearance speaks volumes for your brand.

“Professional” doesn’t necessarily need to mean bland, boxy or blue. Select from our designs, or ask us to design an individual look for your organisation. We provide a comprehensive uniform and fitting consultation, guiding you through a variety of practical styles, easy care fabrics and colours.

Take advantage of our in-house bespoke design and customisation service for your company look and logo. You’ll end up with a cohesive team style that uniquely reflects your brand.

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[sidebar_tab icon=’T-Shirt.png’ title=”3. WHEN THINKING FABRIC, THINK LONG TERM”]

A smart fabric choice that ensures “easy care” & “easy wear” equals long term benefits and savings.

60113_worn_365No more easy come/easy go attitude. Uniforms made from cheap materials may save you a dollar or two on that very large bulk uniform order but down the track, when things start to unravel and look dishevelled,  you’ll wish you never skimped. Uniforms are an everyday wear item and should be made with quality technologically advanced fabric and materials – made to last and made to stay in shape. PLUS if they’re ‘easy care’ it means less time ironing and more time getting to work…on time!

Choose fabrics wisely with comfort and care top of mind…

  • Flexible & breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Quick drying
  • Wrinkle free
  • Non-irritating, non-allergenic fibres
  • Technologically advanced fabrics

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[sidebar_tab icon=’Paint_Brush.png’ title=”4. COLOUR YOUR WORLD”]

Model-Stripe_3030L12_RedDo not be afraid to think pink. Or have the fellows in yellow. Colour is your brand’s best friend.

Please. Enough of the blue. It’s time to live a little and let your brand’s personality really shine. We can recommend vibrant, flattering colours that create unity within a team and instil confidence in your clients.

We’re the best schemers in the business.

Uniforms can get the big yawn from your employees and your clients if they are too “matchy-matchy’. Vibrant, coordinating colour schemes that are fluid throughout all your uniform designs ensure your team remains vibrant and different yet still appear as a professional, cohesive unit. Complementary colour schemes with splashes of colour introduced subtley in a tie, scarf or blouse can do wonders for your team’s overall look.

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[sidebar_tab icon=’Money.png’ title=”5. CONSIDER UNIFORMS AS AN INVESTMENT. ENSURE VALUE FOR MONEY.”]

Ensure you’re getting great value for your investment.

If you’re serious about company longevity then you can’t afford to skimp on the investments that make the biggest difference. Uniforms are an investment in your brand, your company’s culture and your employees. Opting for a cheaper, alternative fabric to make bottom line savings will come back to bite you (on that same bottom!) in the long run.

How do I determine great value for money?

“Value” is not a dollar amount. Value adds up to all the additional bells and whistles you get along the way – things in addition to the end product.

You know you’re getting great value for your money when…

  • Service is exceptional
  • Expertise and know-how saves you time
  • Discounts are offered when buying in bulk
  • Colour and design concepts are provided as part of the service
  • Guidance is given with accurate sizing choices
  • The quality of a product is never reduced to make it cheaper. It may be cheaper now – not so in the long run
  • The company you’re buying from is price competitive

We offer all of the above valuable additions to our standard service. Buying uniforms from us will definitely be a value-rich investment for the long term.

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[sidebar_tab icon=’Running_Man.png’ title=”6. ORDERING & DELIVERY. MAKE SURE IT’S SNAPPY!”]

The deposit’s paid. The order’s in. But after 3 months, you’re still asking “Where are my shiny new uniforms!?”

Yay! Your beautiful new winter uniforms have arrived. But’s hitting 40 degrees outside, smack bang into summer after your staff have endured a freezing winter without their corporate cardies to warm their bones.

After freezing through a winter you’ll learn the hard way to always get a confirmed timeline for uniform delivery.

To avoid the annoyance of late deliveries…

  • we carry large stocks to ensure quick turnaround times.
  • we coordinate the packaging and delivery of completed orders at individual and employee level.
  • you can order on-line, at any time 24/7.
  • After the first order, your contact details and previous order details are saved ready for your repeat purchase

When it comes to ordering and delivery we aim for simple, easy and fast!

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[sidebar_tab icon=’Shopping_Cart.png’ title=”7. MAKE SURE IT’S EASY FOR NEXT TIME”]

Headache and hassle free repeat ordering is a must

You’ve just gone through the lengthy design process, the ordering process and your team is looking great. So great, business is booming. So great, you need more uniforms. For the purchasing managers, maybe that’s not so great. Unless, of course, your repeat ordering is with us.

  • We do our best to make repeat ordering is a breeze.
  • We know your needs and expectations
  • We stock everything you need
  • We help you with sizing and fitting
  • We give you a personalised guide to ordering, with product codes, colour specifications, size ranges and pricing, so that you can order precisely what you need.
  • We welcome bulk orders and offer discounts for return clientele

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